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Hedgerow to Kitchen Medicine Series: Winter Remedies

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Discover how seasonal medicinal herbs and nutritious recipes can support your family’s health throughout the year. Our natural world provides us with effective and nourishing health support and it’s empowering to learn and take an active role in your healthcare and well-being.

Hedgerow to kitchen medicine series: Winter Remedies

What is included?

A 40 min video where I demonstrate how to make a herbal remedy and a seasonal recipe, while explaining where to forage, the medicinal benefits of 4 herbs in that season and some other useful info on common ailments we might see during that season. An e book accompanies this class and can be downloaded on purchase of the course. 

Note: Once purchased, you will be emailed a link to my online course / e-book. Please allow up to 24-hours for me to get you the link.

You can purchase each course individually or buy the 4 at a special price.